Monday, May 14, 2012

Aikman Series Programming with C, Chapter No.1 Question No.2

CHAPTER No.1 Getting Started with C 


Question No. 2

Choose the correct option:


1.  C is a 
      a. High Level Language
      b. Low Level Language
      c. Assembly Language
      d. Machine LAnguage

2.   Turbo C++ can compile:
       a. C++ Program Only
       b. C and C++ Programs
       c. Turbo C Programs Only
       d. Turbo C++ Programs Only

3.   Debug is the process of :
       a. Creating bugs in Program
       b. Identifying and removing errors in program
       c. Identifying errors
       d. Removing errors

4.    C was designed to write program for:
       a. windows operating system
       b. Solaris operating system
       c. UNIX operating system
       d. OS/2 Operating System

5.   Preprocessor directives are commands for:

       a. Microprocessor
       b. Language Processor
       c. C Processor
       d. Loader

6.   The expression in Define Directive:
       a. can only be changed at the end of the program
       b. cannot be changed
       c. cannot be changed but can be redefined
       d. cannot be assigned a value

7.   Which of the following language require no translator to execute the program:
       a. C
       b. C++
       c. Machine Language
       d. Assembly Language

8.   .exe file is produced by :
       a. Linker
       b. Loader
       c. Compiler
       d. Interpretter

9.   which of the following key is used to save a file in Turbo C++ IDE
       a. F2
       b. F3
       c. F5
       d. F9

10. void occupies how many bytes in memory:
       a. Zero
       b. One
       c. Two
       d. Four


1.   a
2.   b
3.   b
4.   c
5.   c
6.   b
7.   c
8.   a
9.   b
10. a

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